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1-on-1 Personalized Plans

Teacher Communication

  • 1-on-1 tutoring is a proven method 2 create lasting results. At 2utors2you we design a personalized plan for each student. We begin by assessing each student’s skills through our educational materials. We then formalize a plan that will increase their educational abilities. Not only will their academic knowledge increase, but their self-confidence.

  • At 2utors2you we believe in communicating with each student’s teacher 2 ensure their success. We see exactly what topics are being taught in the classroom 2 align our tutoring sessions directly the same. By constant communication we can monitor your student’s educational progress.

Convenient Locations

Our Guarantee

  • Being a parent is not easy, and at 2utors2you we want 2 make the tutoring experience convenient for you.  Our private tutor can meet at your home where your child feels comfortable & at ease. We also offer meeting at the local library nearest 2 your home, and even our local office conference room. Our goal is 2 create results and we want 2 be near 2 you.

  • We guarantee a 90% success grade increase. There is no reason for us not 2 succeed with our impeccable educational strategies. We have extensive experience assisting students and we always create long-lasting results. The only reason your investment in us will not be successful is if your child does not participate with our educational instructions.

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At 2utors2you We Believe

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